Community Development Agency Meeting

Past Meeting

Start Time: 2022-10-18T22:30:00+00:00

Community Development Agency Board

Joseph M. DeStefano

Vice Chairman
Paul Johnson

Board Members
Kevin Witt
Jude A. Jean-Francois
Andrew Green
Gerald P. Kleiner
Joseph G. Masi
Kate Ramkissoon
J. Miguel Rodrigues
Sparrow Tobin

Executive Director
Maria Bruni

Patricia Racine

Leonora Liz

CDA Counsel
Gene Grillo

The Middletown Community Development Agency’s purpose is to plan and implement programs involving the rehabilitation and revitalization of both the residential and commercial sectors of the City of Middletown, foster economic growth, provide assistance to public service organizations, eliminate blight, promoted neighborhood stabilization, and improve housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents of the City of Middletown.

The Middletown Community Development Agency will implement its mission by undertaking initiatives principally geared toward the elimination of blighted and deteriorated conditions existing among the City’s residential and commercial properties. The Middletown Community Development Agency will acquire blighted properties, provide resources for rehabilitation of acquired properties, and will create financing mechanisms to allow for the acquisition of rehabilitated properties for homeownership by low- and moderate-income residents.