Legislative Committee Meeting

Past Meeting

Start Time: 2020-08-18T23:30:00+00:00

Whereas, at the request of the City of Middletown, the City has been exempted by special State legislation from the requirements of Article 4 of the General City Law, and

Whereas, the purpose of such request was to increase the number of qualified plumbers to operate and perform work and services in the City of Middletown, and

Whereas, there is now a need for new City legislation to define and implement the beneficial changes made available to the City by this special legislation, and

Whereas, the Common Council wishes to continue and upgrade the City’s regulation of the qualifications and performance of plumbers performing work and services in the City.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved and Ordained by the Common Council of the City of Middletown:

Section 1. Chapter A-500 is hereby repealed and removed from the Code of the City of Middletown.

Section 2. There is to be added to the Code of the City of Middletown a new Chapter 356, entitled "Plumbers and Plumbing Standards" to read in its entirety as follows: Please see attached agenda for details